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EzyTrack is an Online GPS Monitoring Company which specialises in GPS Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, Immobilisers, Live GPS Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management System, Satellite Tracking, Personal Tracking and Vehicle Monitoring.

Proven Return on Investment within months. Monitor and Measure your workers in the field. Know where your vehicles are and where they have been.

The world class intellectual property developed by Ezy2c engineers is facilitated by considerable research and development investment, resulting in superior feature / functionality of the online web solution.

GPS Monitoring Technology has evolved considerably over the past few years becoming significantly more affordable, feature rich and user friendly. Without compromising service levels or feature/functionality, Ezy2c's economical GPS solutions have a very rapid return on investment.


Alliance EzyTrack Zimbabwe and Aliance Insurance are working together to make being protected with a tracker easier than you think. Give them a ring on +263 4 334925-8 and see how you can protect your vehicles today!


Alliance With an EzyTrack tracker you are backed up by Safeguard who has been providing Electronic Security Systems and Rapid Response in Zimbabwe for the last 25 years.



Online GPS Monitoring

GPS Technology has evolved considerably over the past few years to become much more affordable, feature rich and user friendly

  • Monitor and Map all of your staff, (Utilising Google Map Imagery) vehicles and assets in REAL TIME from any web browser, anywhere in the world utilising secure password access
  • Run Reports on asset movements from locations visited, trips undertaken, speed, distances travelled, time on site, excess idle etc
  • 24*365 Real-time Alert and Alarm Monitoring System. Assets can be located and monitored within seconds
  • Panic Alarm and SOS communications
  • Additional black box devices can be installed to monitor and alert on multiple vehicle attributes for example; driver in control, back door sensor, temperature sensors, trailer engaged, low battery or tamper alerts


The Facts - 5 Major Savings

The 5 following statements are proven statistics taken from International Studies.

  • Reduces Fuel Costs – by more than 10%
  • Reduces Overtime Costs – by over 10%
  • Reduces Insurance costs – by between 5% and 15% (premium costs and reduced excess payment charges)
  • Reduces Liability claims – OH&S and 3rd Party Litigation
  • Increases Productivity – Increase staff and vehicle utilisation capacity by up to 15 per cent